Whether you’re tackling corrugated roads, rough terrain, or planning to tow a caravan across the country, you can’t go past TJM 4×4 Equipped XGS Series 4000 Suspension to improve every aspect of your drive. You’ll be equipped for a smoother, more comfortable ride while also improving road handling, braking ability, noise and vibration.

Product Description

TJM 4×4 Equipped XGS Series 4000 Suspension



If wheels were your car’s feet, then suspension would be the legs. Just as the strength, length and flexibility of your legs impact on the way in which you move and the way you connect to the ground, different types of suspension determine the functionality, safety and comfort of your vehicle on different terrain. Made up of several parts that work together like joints and bones, suspension affects absolutely every aspect of driving.




Whether you install only shock absorbers, springs or a complete TJM XGS suspension kit you are sure to notice an immediate improvement in the vehicle’s ride, handling, towing & load carrying qualities. That’s why TJM 4×4 Equipped XGS Series 4000 Suspension is the wise choice for the four wheel driver or light commercial vehicle user who values optimum performance on and off road.




4WD’s have factory-engineered suspension but it’s usually only enough to accommodate a boot load of gear and general road driving or limited off-road driving. Given the importance of suspension, it’s surprising how frequently people place priority on installing bull bars, roof racks and other 4WD accessories without even considering their suspension needs.

Installing a set of shock absorbers, a pair of springs or a full TJM 4×4 Equipped XGS Series 4000 Suspension kit will immediately transform your vehicle’s ride, handling, load carrying and towing capabilities. So don’t forget to talk with your local TJM 4×4 Megastore about your individual suspension needs.



TJM 4×4 Equipped XGS Series 4000 Suspension feature the most advanced piston configuration of any available shock absorber. This with along with a host of other features & a 3 year, 100,000km warranty makes the XGS Series 4000 the right choice for any 4×4.



TJM 4×4 Equipped XGS Series 4000 Suspension leaf springs provide a significant improvement to your vehicle’s load carrying ability, towing safety, ride comfort and directional stability.

TJM 4×4 Equipped XGS Series 4000 Suspension quality leaf springs use high grade spring steel and are available for today’s four wheel drive and tradesman vehicles. Off road, the improved flexibility of TJM XGS leaf springs result in better traction from increased wheel travel and ground clearance. Cutting edge design and manufacturing techniques produce a smooth riding spring. For most vehicles, the TJM XGS leaf springs are available in either medium or heavy duty load carrying capacities and for certain applications, TJM XGS suspension also provides a commercial range of leaf springs.



Springs are one of the hardest working suspension components in any vehicle, supporting the vehicle’s weight, 24 hours a day. Often the original springs will fatigue and perform less than adequately with additional load or when used in extreme environments. TJM XGS suspension offers one of Australia’s largest range of coil springs. Each spring is made to our exact specifications designed by local engineers and incorporate many unique design features to suit today’s four wheel drives.

TJM XGS coil springs are available in linear and progressive designs. They come in various heights and load carrying capacities enabling the optimum suspension system to be achieved. TJM XGS coil springs are manufactured on computer controlled coiling machines, scragged before and after shot peening, load tested and supplied in a durable powder coat finish.

Lovells GVM Upgrades

The usable payload of many 4X4 vehicles today is minimal. Additional basic optional equipment and two or three adult male occupants will bring the vehicle close to its legal maximum weight (GVM) in many cases. Add long range fuel tanks, bull bars, winches, side steps, roof racks, recovery gear and a payload of camping equipment or an industrial type custom body and the vehicle will ultimately exceed the Original Equipment allowable Gross Vehicle Mass.

Original Equipment suspension is designed for comfort above all other considerations, thus load carrying and performance can be compromised. Whereas, Lovells design suspension systems with matched components for the ultimate in performance, load carrying, and handling.
Lovells GVM Upgrade suspension kits are fully track tested in conjunction with a Certified Automotive Engineering Signatory over many days to achieve maximum stability, braking performance, ADR (Australian Design Rules) conformity and operator comfort, before test data and documentation are forwarded to the DEPARTMENT of INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORT, REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT and LOCAL GOVERNMENT for full analysis.
The National Codes and laws that must be met are extremely stringent and it can take up to 6 months for all data to be analysed in full by the Road Safety Engineers in Canberra. Once the Department is satisfied with all dynamic testing and theoretical data, it is only then that Lovells are issued with certification of Secondary Manufacture for GVM Upgrades.
Lovells GVM Upgrade Kits provide a solution for owners/managers of Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Hilux and Nissan Patrol vehicles who have a need to carry loads which exceed the Original Equipment GVM specifications while at the same time meeting the practical and documentary compliance requirements of Work Safety, Police Licensing, Insurance, Lessors and Fleet Managers.

Lovells hold Compliance Plate Approval’s, as a secondary manufacturer, for GVM Upgrades which will suit the following vehicles:
CPA 25742: Toyota Landcruiser LC70 Cab Chassis/Troop Carrier to 3900kg
(Original GVM is 3300kg)
CPA 25742-8: Toyota Landcruiser LC76 Series 4 door Wagon to 3510kg
(Original GVM is 3000kg)
CPA 40257: Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series Wagon to 3800kg (Original GVM is 3300kg)
CPA 28971: Nissan Patrol Cab Chassis Y61 to 3900kg. (Original GVM is 3400kg)
CPA 42029: Toyota Hilux 150 Series 4×4 vehicles to 3300kg
(up from standard GVM of 2710kg – Extra Cab, 2780kg – Dual Cab and 2835kg – Single Cab)


Need to protect Business, Managers from claims for breaches of OH&S rules and employee negligence.
Possibility of Insurance companies to void payout if the vehicle is loaded beyond approved GVM.
Possibility of litigation under common law if the vehicle is operated beyond its legal Load Limits.
Requirements to load vehicle and operate safely with weight beyond current Original Equipment limits for heavy and/or remote work.

EFS Suspension

TJM 4×4 Megastores stock and recommend TJM 4×4 Equipped XGS Series 4000 Suspension as our primary brand. We do recognise however that there are some vehicles that this range does not cover and some situations where we need a secondary solution. As such our stores are also stockists and licensed installers of EFS suspension.

Enhanced 4WD Suspension is a quality driven product that has been proven in 4WD competitions throughout Australia & pushed to the limits by 4WD enthusiasts around the world.

EFS Suspension is not just a Shock Absorber but a complete integrated suspension package of Springs, Shocks & Components that work together to give quality on-road handling characteristics & greater off road ability.

EFS has designed & developed a high quality suspension system to combat Australia’s harsh off road conditions. The EFS range is under constant development & is put through the harshest tests with our sponsored competition vehicles.

The dedicated EFS research and development team have excelled in the fine tuning of shock absorbers, coil & leaf springs and components, with the development of the EFS Elite range.

The EFS engineers spend countless hours at the EFS Shock Absorber Dynamometer Facility, where they fine tune the internal shock absorber valving to suit each make and model of vehicle. What this means for you the customer, is that you have a product that gives you on road performance and off-road excellence.

“Because leaf and coil suspensions create different ride characteristics, the EFS shock absorber has been designed to suit each individual application”. EFS R&D Team

EFS stand behind their product with a 3 year / 100,000 km Warranty