Performance Upgrades

Modern turbo diesel 4×4’s are more powerful and offer a better driving experience than 20 years ago. However, once you add hundreds of kilo’s of accessories, or a caravan or both they can feel a little lacking in the power department.

It is becoming common place that customers are looking for increased power and improved driveability in their 4wd’s. Here at TJM 4×4 Megastores we have 2 ways that we can achieve this.

Product Description

TJM 4×4 Megastores Diesel Tuning is the safest way to get the most out of your 4×4. We have taken our industry experience in modifying 4wd’s and combined it with an industry leader with over 20 years experience in automotive electronic tuning to develop a range safe tunes that will get the most out of your 4wd. All of the TJM 4×4 Megastore Tunes are developed on a dyno on real cars with our accessories on the vehicle.

TJM 4×4 Megastore’s touring and towing ECU tunes are designed to give your vehicle the full all round performance that it needs to suit a full array of driving situations. The main goal is to concentrate on your low to mid-range torque. By tuning your vehicle, we will be able to manage the direct relationship that exists between your torque, revs and fuel consumption. You burn more fuel at higher RPM, so by increasing your torque at lower RPM, your car will run much more efficiently. This is not only reflected by your fuel savings, but by a smoother acceleration throughout your rev range, and easier towing capabilities. Producing a higher torque figure at lower RPM will make your take offs when towing much smoother and easier!

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all tunes – if you don’t love it in the first 30 days we will return you vehicle to standard and refund your money.

We also offer a lifetime support warranty – Should your vehicle ever have its ECU replaced or re flashed by a dealer we will reinstall your tune at no charge.