Product Description

Emu Wing Side Access Windows

EmuWing develops gullwing side access solutions for many popular vehicles, allowing easy access all around and adding more functional, useable space where it is needed most.

No permanent modifications are required on the vehicle – no drilling or cutting of the body, the EmuWing frame is glued in place of the existing window and can be removed in future.

Lockable, secure and twin gas strut assisted, the kit contains all the parts you will need for a complete DIY installation, although we can also help to arrange fitting where required.

Created from a love of the outdoors and in particular four wheel driving, we believe we have come up with the ultimatein vehicle access to the cargo area of your vehicle. How? Well EmuWing was born in a suburban Melbourne garage because we were fed up with trying to scramble in through the back door to get to things at the back of the cargo area. Not to mention opening the wheel carrier with two 35 inch tyres attached! They were certainly heavy and then the next obstacle – the drawers! Scrambling over these might be easy for the young and agile, but we were about making life easier. We believe you will wonder how you survived without them!

Aluminium Option

The Aluminium finish option comes standard in black powder coat and is curved to the vehicles shape. It hides the contents of the back of your vehicle from prying eyes and offers a mounting surface for accessories.

Glass Option

The glass option comes curved to the shape of the vehicle and is made for Australians Standards Automotive glass. The glass option can be tinted at time of install.

Available Vehicles

  • GQ SWB Patrol
  • GQ LWB Patrol
  • GU Patrol
  • 60 Series Landcruiser
  • 75 and 78 Series Landcruiser
  • 76 Series Landcruiser
  • 80 Series Landcruiser
  • 100/105 Series Landcruiser
  • 200 Series Landcruiser
  • JK Jeep Wrangler
  • Landrover Discovery