Camping Cooking

Here at TJM 4×4 Megastores we cater not only for the needs of your vehicle but also your stomach. Check out or range of Camping Cooking Accessories.

Product Description

Top End Campgear – Camp Kitchens

The Top End Compact Camp Kitchens are designed as a stand alone, portable unit which, if you choose, can be mounted to just about any vehicle like a 4WD, Ute, Truck or Trailer.

The kitchen offers specifically designed storage compartments that firmly hold all your necessary non-perishable cooking items along with the tools you need for food preparation and cooking such as utensils, pots and pans, plates, as well as a space for the wash-up tub and so much more.

Compartments with in the unit are designed to fit specific items such as tall oil or sauce bottles, and partitions to hold canisters in place.  All internal walls and floors are lined with marine carpet allowing items to be stowed tightly for transit to reduce wear and tear and it serves to drastically reduce rattling noise during rough road travel.

The Long Haul

“The Longhaul” is Top End Campgears premium compact camp kitchen that includes a slide away 2 burner gas stove

It was developed and refined by Jim (One of the founders of Top End Campgear) through years on the road driving trucks.  It includes everything you need to prepare, cook, eat and clean up after a meal all easily accessible.

Everything fits neatly into the carpet lined interior in its allocated place so that it doesn’t become dislodged, even on the worst of corrugated roads. It closes up to approximately 600mm high, 650mm wide and 520mm deep..

Aluminum powder coated weighing around 31kg.

Conveniently located on the side of the Longhaul Camp Kitchen unit is the patented slide-out drawer housing a quality 2 burner gas stove with folding wind breaks.  In front of the stove is a fold-down stainless steel shelf for additional bench space and it serves as an area to place hot items. Included in The Longhaul  are 8 storage canisters, a bamboo cutting board and a wash-up dish, all custom designed to fit snugly into their allocated positions.

The Longhaul has it all, and when mounted in your vehicle or trailer it becomes a very convenient kitchen.

The Overlander

he Overlander is a slightly more compact camp kitchen than The Longhaul as it comes with a slide out shelf instead of a stove.

This kitchen was developed to fit into smaller spaces, such as in ute canopy’s or 4wd wagons.  It also allows people to utilise their own gas stove or to put a small Weber™ type BBQ on the slide out shelf.  When cooking with a campfire, the slide out shelf is handy for additional preparation space.

The pantry and storage area is the same on this kitchen as The Longhaul  kitchen where everything fits neatly into the carpet lined interior so that it doesn’t become dislodged during travel, even on rough roads.  The Overlander comes with 8 food storage canisters, a bamboo cutting board and a wash up dish all custom designed to fit snugly into their allocated positions.

Closed up The Overlander measures:

480mm high
650mm wide
520mm deep
Aluminum powder coated weighing around 25Kg

The Squatter

The Squat version of our camp kitchen is The Squatter!  Great for installing into vehicles with height restrictions.  This unit can fit just about everything as The Overlander but you need to use the “flat pack” cooking utensils,containers and sinks that squash down after use to fit into the squatter compartments..

The Squatter measures:
650mm Wide
400mm High
520mm Deep

Aluminum powder coated weighing around 20Kg

Top End Campgear – Cooking Equipment

Bush Microwave

New in November 2017 to the Top End Campgear Firepit Range is the Aussie Bush Microwave

Compact and Collapsible, the purpose built Aussie Bush Microwave is a portable and versatile cooking unit for around the camp fire or simply at home in the back yard.  When dinner is over, the Aussie Bush Microwave doubles as a fire pit.  Sit back, relax and digest around your Bush Microwave!

Accessories allow the Bush Microwave to become a Grill, Hotplate, Spit or simply a Fire Pit.

Supplied as flat panels which quickly and simply slot together to form the body of the cooking chamber.

For general cooking the unit is designed for coals to be placed in the cooking chamber or body of the unit (or transfer coals from your camp fire), then food is cooked either with in the coals such as for foil wrapped damper or baked spuds, or over the coals either on the BBQ Plate, in the wire grill basket or on a spit. Your own cooking pots can also be placed over the coals, it’s up to you how you choose to adapt the Bush Microwave.

Fire Pits

Portable, Collapsible and Sturdy fire pits to enhance your camping experience or simply for your backyard enjoyment. Top End Campgear produce a range of Fire Pit styles, sizes and designs to meet the requirement of all campers, adventures or backyard relaxers!

Express your 4WD passion with a collapsible Jeep, Landcruiser, Ford Ranger, Nissan, Toyota,  Mazda, and Landrover designed fire pit

Assembled dimensions:

600 mm long
580 mm wide
370 mm high
weighs approx. 23kg.

The Top End units come complete with a cooking plate that slots into the top of the pit structure to not only do you get the enjoy the warmth of a camp fire you can cook your dinner at the same time.


Your Best Friend for the outdoors

Take it fishing, camping or use it in your own backyard
or patio. The Ozpig is great when entertaining outdoors.
Relax and enjoy the warmth of an open fire in safety
while you boil the billy and cook up a feast.

Weight: 17 kg

Dimensions: 41.5 cm × 36.5 cm × 41 cm

– BBQ and grill cooking
– Safe and contained wood-fired heating
– Camp oven cooking
– Temperature controlled cooking (using Ozpig diffuser)
– Wok cooking
– Boiling billies or kettles
– Rotisserie cooking (using Ozpig rotisserie kit)

Basic Package includes:
– 1 x Ozpig Steel Cooker Body
– 1 x Customised Carry Bag
– 2 x BBQ Plates
– 4 x Zinc Coated Legs
– 3 X Chimney Sections
– 1 X Spark Arrestor
– 1 X Multi-purpose tool (Wood poker and plate lift handle)
– 1 x Mesh Floor Fire Grate
– 1 x Comprehensive Instruction Manual


We have a full range of accessories available instore

Travelbuddy Ovens

Fast Food takes on a new meaning with the Travel Buddy. This portable, lightweight, 12 volt oven can cook, bake and warm foods while you travel.

Simply load the Travel Buddy up with pies, pasties, sausage rolls, pizzas hotdogs or a pre-prepared meal and plug into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, set the timer and while you are driving or parked, your meal is being heated or cooked.

– Heat a meal on the move
– Fitted with a 2 hour timer to protect from battery failure
– Insulated stainless steel
– Manufactured and designed in Australia
– 170 degrees celcius+ after initial warm up

Travelbuddy 12V Oven External Dimensions
Height 190mm
Width 235mm
Depth 280mm

Travelbuddy 12V Oven Internal Dimensions
Height 100mm
Width 180mm
Depth 250mm

Travelbuddy 12V Oven Specifications
– Insulated Steel Body
– 12 volt DC 6 amp 72 watts
– Fitted with 2 hour timer Free standing or mounted

Travelbuddy 12V Marine Oven External Dimensions
Height 190mm
Width 320mm
Depth 280mm

Travelbuddy 12V Marine Oven Internal Dimensions
Height 100mm
Width 265mm
Depth 250mm

Travelbuddy 12V Marine Oven Specifications
– Insulated Steel Body
– 12 volt DC 10 amp 120 watts
– Fitted with 2 hour timer
– Free standing or mounted


The Travel Buddy is a sturdy oven that you can take anywhere. The stainless steel makes it easy to use and to clean.
If your vehicle has a socket for a cigarette lighter, then there is nowhere that the Travel Buddy can’t go!
Heat a meal while you travel, it doesn’t matter if there are no shops around, your meal will be ready when you arrive.
The Travel Buddy’s heating temperature reaches approximtely 170 degrees celcius+ after the initial warm up.

Ideal for:
– 4×4 Activities
– Camping
– Tradespeople
– Transport
– Caravans
– Boats
– Touring
– Farmers, etc