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Drawer systems

RV Storage Solutions

RV Storage Solutions as the name suggests, provide industry leading storage solutions to the Recreational 4WD industry along with the commercial vehicle trade and fleet sectors.

Whether you have a 4WD Touring Wagon, Ute or a fleet of work vans, RV Storage Solutions has the storage products to make the task a breeze. As sheet metal manufacturers their focus is on specialty products made in Australia using BHP first quality steel. As importantly,  they supply first rate advice and service.

They have over 20 years of extensive experience in supplying the 4WD industry and trade sectors with first rate storage solutions.They created and owned  Black Widow 4WD Storage Solutions, and brought that experience and expertise with us to RV Storage Solutions. 

Good Australian product manufacturers are hard to find so if you require the best quality products in the industry, they won’t let you down.

Steel or alloy? The choice is yours!

RV Storage Solutions Premium Alloy drawers account for more than 50% of their Premium drawer orders.

Their Premium Alloy Drawers are the lightest on the market today while maintaining the strength and quality that they are known for.

RV Premium Alloy drawers offer a considerable weight saving over our traditional Premium Steel drawers. Typical weight saving for an Premium Alloy Twin Drawer system as opposed to a Premium Steel twin drawer system in a Land Cruiser 200 Series is 31kg!!!

RV Storage Solutions Premium Twin Drawers

Available in both steel and alloy the RV Storage Solutions Premium Twin Drawers are the most popular choice for modern travelers.  Available to suit most dual cab and extra cab utility vehicles and 4wd wagons they have a storage solution to suit most needs.

They also offer most drawers in a standard or trade height – give us a call today to find out more!


RV Storage Solutions Easy Access Combo Drawers

The RV Storage Solutions Easy Access Combo Drawers are available in two configurations – Single Level or Twin Level. They can be options in steel or alloy and in varying heights to suit your needs.

RV Storage Solutions Tourer Premium

Available for Landcruiser 80, 100 and 200 Series and Nissan Patrol GU and Y62.

This set up has it all! 85 litres of fridge freezer from Bushman, plenty of storage space and a cargo shelf for your tables and chairs or your Satallite Dish and Solar panel, plus a Slim Line Drawer for the cutlery and plates!

RV Storage Solutions Commercial Vehicle Solutions

RV Storage Solutions has Australia’s most extensive range of Drawer Modules sizes and options. They also have a range of van and ute shelving and cargo slides. These units can be combined into hundreds of different combinations to fit out the back of your van or ute to your exact needs.

This range combined with our commercial vehicle experience means we can cater to your fleet needs regardless of size.


Tilt Slides

Custom Integration

We have worked with RV Storage Solutions and their range of products for many years and have extensive experience in utilising their quality drawer modules and accessories and creating custom solutions.

Most commonly we utilise their Premium Alloy drawers and Slimline Pantry Drawers in Canopy Body Designs. Using RV’s drawers and modules means we are working with a quality product from the start that is going to stand up to the rigors of Australian conditions.

Give us a call today to discuss your custom integration needs