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Bull Bars and Frontal Protection

Bullbars, generally speaking, are one of the first accessories to be added to any 4×4. Here at TJM 4×4 Megastores we offer a range of different types of frontal protection for your 4×4. Whether you are wanting overall serious protection or something to add some style to your 4×4 we have you covered! 

Gone are the days where a Bull Bar is an afterthought on a 4×4 – modern Bull Bars are designed to follow the lines of the vehicle and enhance the appearance of the 4wd while offering maximum protection against unexpected animal strikes whilst travelling. They also offer a convenient platform to mount numerous accessories such as driving lights, aerials and fishing rod holders, with many modern bull bars offering winch compatibility and rated recovery points – features often critical when exploring the beaches and bush tracks that Australia has to offer.

TJM 4×4 Megastore offers a number of Bull Bar and Nudge Bar options for most modern 4×4’s. Our key brands are listed below, however we do have access to most brands at competitive prices – just ask our friendly staff for a quote.

TJM 4x4 Equipped

TJM 4×4 Equipped has over 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing Bull Bars and Frontal Protection systems for the Australian Market and were pioneers in airbag compatibility. TJM 4×4 Equipped design both alloy and steel bull bars locally in Brisbane, Australia to comply with all Australian standards. All bars are designed to incorporate factory vehicle features which gives any vehicle owner peace of mind when choosing the right accessories.

TJM 4×4 Equipped head office is located in Brisbane Australia where they have design and production facilities also.

TJM Venturer Bar

Featuring a powerful multi-fold steel channel that’s ready for accessories, you’ll be ready to find a new challenge with the TJM Venturer bar.

The TJM Venturer Bar boasts an all-steel construction and all-star looks while adopting many of the same design features of our acclaimed Outback bull bar. Boldly angular and with a tapered wing design, the Venturer bar enhances the front of your 4×4 while delivering impact protection that’s backed by its strategically pressed and bent multifold channel. 

The TJM Venturer Bar is lighter than other steel bull bar alternatives, but it’s got hefty functionality with its removable top hoop, centre guard and LED fog lights. Accented by stainless steel grilles that sit either side of our famously strong winch frame, the TJM Venturer bar’s bite is just as tough as its bark.

TJM Chaser Series Bull Bar

Packed with attitude and engineered to work and play hard, the TJM Chaser Series Bar stands out in a crowd and up to the test.

Make a statement with a TJM Chaser Series Bar which sports a bold angular design, features an imposing 63mm⌀ upper tube and a 50mm⌀ lower tube that’s positioned to create the optimal approach angle for overcoming obstacles. Accentuated with brushed stainless-steel grilles and an innovative wing design, the TJM Chaser Series Bar is imbued with a modern, aggressive style.

TJM Outback Bull Bar

Boasting an all-steel construction that’s designed to thrive in extreme conditions, the TJM Outback Bar delivers unparalleled protection for your 4×4.

Every TJM Outback Bar is embedded with core features that allow you to travel with confidence. At the heart of it is a multi-fold channel that’s been strategically pressed and bent to maximise impact strength. This powerful base is connected to thick 63mmø* steel tubing and TJM’s characteristic upright cato straps. While ordinary cato straps deliver greatly improved bar strength, TJM’s 40mm cato straps extend right through the bumper channel to our patently strong chassis mount to give you supreme protection. While achieving all this, the TJM Outback Bar’s iconic all-steel construction, tapered wing design and thick tubing guarantee an aesthetically superior bar that performs when it matters most.

TJM Signature Alloy Bull Bar

Crafted from polished alloy and backed by TJM’s advanced bull bar design, the TJM Signature Bar adds a high level of protection and undeniable aesthetics to any 4×4.

The TJM Signature Bar effortlessly combines head-turning looks and proper vehicle protection in a light-weight package. At its base is a multi-fold channel that’s been engineered for imperious impact resistance, which then meets an eye-catching 76mmø central tube and 63mmø outer tubes to protect the front of your vehicle. Combined with its tapered wing design, vehicle-specific styling and mirror-bright finish, the TJM Signature Bar provides your 4×4 with exceptional frontal protection and unmatched alloy bar aesthetics.

TJM T15 Tradesman Bull Bar

Combining a proven bull bar design with extraordinary functionality, the TJM Tradesman Bar is equipped for any job.

The TJM Tradesman Bar packages classic TJM design cues with practical features in a simple form factor. Starting with a sturdy multi-fold channel for its base, the TJM Tradesman Bar is crowned by a thick 76mmø central tube and 63mmø outer tubes that protect the front of your vehicle. Better yet, the TJM Tradesman Bar retains the all-steel construction and many off-road capabilities of the deluxe TJM Outback Bar – ensuring you’re prepared on the job site or off the beaten track.

TJM Explorer and Frontier Bull Bars

Add some extra style and protection to your 4×4 with a TJM Explorer or TJM Frontier Bar.

The TJM Explorer Bar and TJM Frontier Bar employ a strong channel and wing design with deliberately spaced folds for increased impact strength. The TJM Explorer Bar variant is topped with a thick 76mmø centre tube for extra protection, while both retain the core range of off-road-ready features for which TJM Bull Bars are known for.

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