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The Tanami Track

THE TANAMI TRACK ‘Australia’s Highway to Hell’ In this modern age of computers researching a trip or specific part of a trip is easier than ever before, some say it takes away half of the adventure but knowing what you are about to get yourself into could save your life. I did all [...]

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The Plenty Highway

THE PLENTY HIGHWAY Boulia Qld - Alice Springs NT The Plenty Highway is everything you would expect of an Outback dirt road, it’s a remote relatively flat run through some of the most isolated area’s in the country. It’s a harsh tough landscape and the only thing tougher than the land out here [...]

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Buying a New 4WD

Buying any sort of new car can be a daunting task with so many makes and models out there today. The choices are no less abundant when it comes to new 4wd’s on the market – add to this trying to figure out what factory and aftermarket accessories and options to get can make the [...]

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