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Canopy Bodies

TJM 4×4 Megastore offer a several market leading canopy and canopy body solutions for you ute. Our key brands are listed below, however we have access to most brands at competitive prices – just ask our friendly staff for a quote


Product Description


TJM 4×4 Megastores sister company Spinifex Manufacturing design and manufacture Alloy Canopy Bodies.

Spinifex Manufacturing design and manufacture alloy canopy bodies to suit all utility vehicles. We can provide fully integrated bodies, canopies to sit on existing trays or jack off options. All canopies can be be customised to suit individual needs.

Built in Australia, for Australian Conditions, Spinifex Manufacturing Canopies offer many features as standard that others consider options. All canopies are designed around our extruded alloy frame for strength and weight saving. The roof and walls are insulated and all units have passive venting as standard.

Spinifex Manufacturing Alloy Canopy Bodies offer solutions for single cab, extra cab and dual cab vehicles and are made to order to suit your specifications. All bodies are manufactured from reinforced alloy extrusion and come standard with insulation. Spinifex Manufacturing Alloy Canopy Bodies are designed and manufactured right here in Brisbane.
All Spinifex Manufacturing Alloy Canopy Bodies come standard with an aluminium tray bed floor. This helps to maintain water proofing while offering a clean work surface. The tray bed or base of the unit runs all the way to the very edge with no lip or raised side making it extremely easy to load and unload.Standard are Internal Tie Point. An ideal way to ensure your load is secured. Fitted to either side of the lower internal frame are 16mm stainless steel bars that allow for tie from one side to the other.
Spinifex Manufacturing Alloy Canopy Bodies allow for maximum access with the widest possible opening. Each side door opens to the full length of the unit. The doors are operated on gas struts and locked by a central operation. Each door is secured at 3 points and has a further option of Central locking.
Unlike most traditional canopies and toolboxes Spinifex Manufacturing Alloy Canopy Bodies have a double skinned roof that helps maintain a workable temperature inside. The air gap between the outer layer and the inner layer helps to moderate the internal temperature of the unit. Special venting along each side door also helps to release heat. This makes the unit ideal for the operation of fridges, compressors and even camping.



Canopy and Body integrated into one unit – bolts directly to the chassis of the vehicle.

From $5550*


Canopy unit bolts to an existing tray body. This type of unit is generally not removable

From $4950*


Body sits onto of existing or new tray body and can be removed using jacking legs.

From $7500*



Raw is the most economical finish however provides an industrial look. The uncoated aluminium will weather and age overtime.


Powder coating provides the most durable finish however does come with colour limitations. A colour match to the vehicle is not achievable


Painted finish is by far our most popular option. We can have the canopy prepared and painted in the same process as your car is at factory. This finish delivers a close to perfect colour match.



The unit comes standard with two side doors.

  • Optional: Rear Door
  • Optional: Split Side Doors
  • Optional: Fixed panel / Fixed Panel Ladder

The doors are operated via a central folding T handle and latched at three points. An Electronic Central Locking upgrade is available


The interior of the canopy comes bare as standard. This blank canvas can be customised to suit your needs. Some examples include:-

  • Internal Drawers
  • Dividers
  • Fridge Slides and Barriers
  • Battery Mounts
  • Water Tanks


We can cater to all requirements when it comes to electrical fit out. These options include:

  • Battery Mounting and Charging Solutions
  • Internal Lighting
  • External Lighting
  • Inverters
  • Power outlets
  • Switching


We can accommodate for Air and Water needs in our canopy builds. Options include:-

  • On board compressor and air tank
  • Concealed water tanks
  • Water heaters and Showers
  • Utilities Lockers


We can accommodate spare tyres into our canopy designs. We offer internal fitment to front or rear wall or single or dual fitment on rear of canopy.


With a structural mounting rail running the full length of the canopy roof we can provide multiple roof rack options including:-

  • 2 and 3 bar racks
  • Roof Platforms
  • Boat Loaders

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