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THE GIBB RIVER ROAD PART 2 Station Life As we headed further across the Gibb not only does the landscape continue to change but so does the style of accomodation we encountered. Gone are the simple bush camps and roadhouse accomodation as you enter the world of ‘Station Tourism’. We made our way to [...]

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FARINA South Australia When you travel outback Australia there are so many fantastic places that you encounter that it is very hard to pick a favourite. There are a couple of locations that stand out in the memory long after the trip is over. These spots are truly special. One of these locations that [...]

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THE NORTHERN KIMBERLY Western Australia After we departed Mt Barnett and took on some much needed fuel we headed for Drysdale River Station. The plan was to head up to the Mitchell Falls before pushing further North up the Kalumbaru Rd toward the Kimberley’s Northern Beaches. Most people choose to leave their trailer at [...]

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The Gibb River Road

THE GIBB RIVER ROAD The Kimberly's WA I love travelling early after the Wet up North. The crowds are down, the dust is still lacking and the water holes are still filled. It does however often mess with your plans. Last year I spent a month in the Cape after a somewhat non existent [...]

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The Tanami Track

THE TANAMI TRACK ‘Australia’s Highway to Hell’ In this modern age of computers researching a trip or specific part of a trip is easier than ever before, some say it takes away half of the adventure but knowing what you are about to get yourself into could save your life. I did all [...]

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The Plenty Highway

THE PLENTY HIGHWAY Boulia Qld - Alice Springs NT The Plenty Highway is everything you would expect of an Outback dirt road, it’s a remote relatively flat run through some of the most isolated area’s in the country. It’s a harsh tough landscape and the only thing tougher than the land out here [...]

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Northern New South Wales Touring Trip

With a week off we were searching for a touring trip not too far from home with breathtaking scenery for the adults and grassy camp sites for the kids to play. With this in mind we packed the cars and trailers and headed south into Northern New South Wales trying to stay off the main [...]

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Magical Moreton Island

One of the great things about living in South East Queensland is all the 4wding and camping options that we have on our doorstep. We have dozens of 4wd parks, lakes, dams and camping options within a couple of hours of Brisbane not to mention the likes of Stradbroke and Fraser Island. We also have [...]

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