TJM are dedicated to manufacturing the toughest Frontal Protection and Recovery Systems for 4×4’s all over the world. Australian designed, engineered and tested, TJM’s Frontal Protection Systems are manufactured to the highest quality standard. With built-in Rated Recovery Points, they are the most reliable on the market and the only choice when you really need to get home.

To prove the strength of the built-in Recovery Points on a TJM FPS, TJM conducted a field test of the Rated Recovery Points on a TJM equipped 2015 PXII Ford Ranger. This Ranger has an Outback Bar which comes equipped with 8,000kg Rated Recovery Points and is made from high strength carbon steel.

TJM’s unique and innovative load carrying mount system (patent pending) separates the extreme winching and dynamic strap recovery loads from the air bag compatible crumple zones required for compliance. Through clever design the TJM mount system directs the severe recovery loads to the strongest part of the chassis without affecting the airbag compatibility to ensure maximum safety for the driver and their family.

TJM’s Frontal Protection Systems are not only the strongest bars in town, but also incorporate ease of use and access with a high level of style and function. TJM don’t stop at clever designs and quality, precise manufacturing, we also test all our products right here in Australia to ensure optimum compatibility, safety and reliability.

Watch the video to see just how far TJM will go to stand behind the strengths of their products.

TJM’s dynamic load testing. Following on from our Ranger Crane Lift we have tested the TJM Recovery System in a real life scenario.